i guess

i just feel like

/ john mayer

lyric video


The cinematography will go along with the song's mood, from darker/shadowy theme to colorful/brighter one. It's important to say that we do not want to use black and white images, it will be all about contrast,  a pure and simple game of light and shadow.

Keeping in mind the music's message we thought of a lyric video that goes along with the song's mood, from a pessimist to a hopeful theme. We want to make use of light and shadows to build up a visual narrative of the lyrics projected on human bodies.

The idea of using human bodies as backgrounds came out of the humanity within the lyrics: the feelings we get throughout life, the weight of aging, our different selves and so on.


I guess I just feel like

I guess I just feel like

Nobody's honest

Nobody's true

Everyone's lying

To make it on through

I guess I just feel like

I'm the same way too



I guess I just feel like

Good things are gone

The weight of my worries

Is too much to take on

I think I remember this dream that I had
That love's gonna save us
From a world that's gone mad

I guess I just feel like
What happened to that





I guess I just feel like

The joke's getting old

The future is fading

And the past is on hold

But I know that I'm open

I know that I'm free

I'll always let hope in where I'll be

And if I go blind I'll still find my way

I guess I just felt like

Giving up today





In the complete darkness, a light gradually write the words "I guess I just feel like" and lightly illuminates the environment. We identify a person's body as the background.

The light opens, but a black shadow hides the person's eyes.

The lyrics appear as a shadow on the rest of the body.

The shadows move like waves through the character.


(details from this movements through the body)

We see only the person's shadow set with external elements.

Plants, flowers, smoke.

Another hand shaped shadow gets on the scene raising a  partnership gesture.

The shadows become smoke.


The smoke fades away and the lyrics appear.

A beam of light illuminates the eyes.

The lyrics appear in the light.

Close-up of the eyes

The light splits into several colours.

Details of the body and the colours.

estimated budget

obrigada :)